Make it personal:Customer Communication with AI Videos

Craft a 3-Minute Video, Translated into 50+ Languages at Just 0.07% of the Market Price!

Personalized Communication for Lasting Connections

Speak your customers' language, in mins

Auto-translate yourself without speaking the language - record yourself in your mother tongue and we will translate your face and voice to 50+ languages.

For businesses Aiming to Empower Customer Relationships

Perfect for businesses of any size, our AI tool is the top choice

Are you grappling with managing customer relationships? Struggling to maintain personalized communication? Level up your game with Immersive Fox AI. Effortlessly create personalized videos with your digital twin and stay connected with your valued customers effortlessly!

Customer Magnet : to Gain, Keep, and Nurture

Utilize your own corporate material, let your brand shine

Import your presentations or videos to our AI platform, sync with your script, and bring your brand to life. Craft video introductions, personalized client messages/emails, and and tackle large-scale client communication challenges.

Stay Connected with Your Customers Anywhere!

Unveil Your AI-Generated Video Content & Your Digital Alter Ego

Share your videos via emails, website, and popular social media platforms like LinkedIn, Meta, Twitter, YouTube, and beyond. Reach your audience at scale through your CRM, ensuring a dynamic, immersive experience for your customers.


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